The SOV departed Ria del Eo mid-February and is currently in the Port of Gijón, where it is completing the two-week sea trials program.

Edda Passat and its sister vessel Edda Mistral were built by Astilleros Gondan for the Norwegian shipowner ˜stensj¸ Rederi, who named and launched the two SOVs earlier this month.

Edda Mistral, expected to be delivered in August, will operate at ˜rsted’s Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm in the UK.

Both vessels have a contract for a fixed period of five years, plus five one-year options.

With 81m in length and a 17m beam, the vessels have the capacity to accommodate a crew of up to 20 people and up to 40 technicians who will perform maintenance tasks at the wind farms.

The two vessels are equipped with a 23-meter-long Uptime heave compensated walk-to-work gangway, a 3D compensated crane and a CTV landing system with bunkering facility, Astilleros Gondan said, adding that the on-board-fitted 11m daughter craft will allow the safe transfer of maintenance technicians to the offshore wind turbines. Your offshore Wind News Turbine