The Port of Gijón also possesses excellent maritime and land communications – by road and by rail – that make it one of the main strategic nodes of the Atlantic Arc in the flow of goods.

The Port of Gijón is located outside the city towards the northwest, about 7 km from the center, on the coast of the Jove, Musel and Campa de Torres areas. The governing body is the Port Authority of Gijón, which has its offices inside the port.

Port of Gijón: 5º41’O 43º34’N (Longitude / Latitude)

The main port buildings can be located on the following map.

  •   Facilities of the Port Authority

Download document of locations of the Port of Gijón.

Central Gijón Port Authority Offices

Edificio de Servicios Múltiples
El Musel, s/n.
33212 Gijón (Asturias)


Visitor Reception Center

(Antigua Central Eléctrica)
El Musel, s/n.
33212 Gijón (Asturias)


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